Stories That Stick Mastery Course

Stories That Stick Mastery Course

Storytelling is the critical skill of the 21st century. Being a better storyteller, knowing how to connect with people in an irresistible way, will make you the type of influential person who can be a better leader, a better marketer, a better seller, and be a better PERSON in business.

In the Stories That Stick Mastery Course, author and master storyteller Kindra Hall teaches the exact techniques and strategies she has used to help hundreds of businesses turn ho-hum marketing messages into irresistible stories that generate transformative business results.

The Mastery Course contains more than 8 hours of video instruction and a comprehensive workbook, including:

Module 1: Introduction

As you begin your journey toward storytelling mastery, Kindra will share her mission and give you the inside scoop on her earliest adventure as a storyteller.

Module 2: The Power of Strategic Storytelling

Stories are powerful tools, but too often, people overlook opportunities to use that tool or fail to truly harness the power when they try. In this segment of the course, you’ll build the scientific case in your mind for why storytelling works, learn what is NOT a story and come to recognize the biggest storytelling mistake. 

Module 3: The Storytelling Process

This is the beginning of the systematic approach to telling stories. You’ll learn critical strategies for each of the three stages to storytelling: finding the story, crafting the story and telling the story. You’ll unlock Kindra’s three-part framework for crafting a story and discover specific places you can tell stories for maximum impact.

Module 4: The Steller Storytelling Framework

With the foundations for storytelling in place, you’ll move on to learning the complete storytelling method Kindra designed and perfected in her consulting work with hundreds of business clients. Once you master this methodology, you will be able to positively impact your business results in significant ways by improving the effectiveness of your messages. 

Module 5: The Value Story

The value story is the first of four types of stories every business should have at its disposal. Throughout this module, you’ll learn what a value story is and how and when you should use them. Kindra will share examples of the ways value stories can transform sales and marketing messages and then give you a system you can use to find value stories in your organization.

Module 6: The Customer Story

The value story’s sibling, the customer story, has its own unique set of attributes. In this module, you’ll learn how they differ, the pitfalls they present, and how and why to go about gathering and using customer stories in your business.

Module 7: The Founder Story

Every business has a collection of stories that represent how it came to be what it is today. Yet, too often, organizations overlook the opportunities to use these stories to full effect. In this module, you’ll discover the nuances of finding and telling these compelling stories.

Module 8: The Purpose Story

The fourth type of story every business needs to be using in its messaging is the purpose story. These stories help create meaningful connections between you or the company and your audience, including customers, employees and investors.

Module 9: Putting it Into Action

In each module, Kindra includes activities and exercises designed to help you master each concept. In module 9, she’ll help you take all of the material you’ve learned and craft a plan for putting strategic storytelling to work for you and your organization.